Thursday, 30 June 2011

Black Bear Diaries 2011 Part 14: Sad News

Here I was all excited to visit the local bear population now I am back from vacation but little did I know how much things can change in 3 weeks.

After arriving back on Saturday afternoon and then making a weak appearance at a friend’s birthday in the evening I was up very early (5am) on Sunday and very eager to get out and spot some bears. I was a little rusty on my bike but it wasn’t long until I was back in my favorite place and after a short while I spotted a medium sized bear hanging out at the end of the trail minding his own business. The bear took off after he noticed me so I continued on my bike ride.

On Tuesday I ventured out again later at about 8 o’clock and took a short walk instead of my bike. It was pretty wet but I wanted to stretch my legs and again I spotted the same bear. This time he was closer than I’d have liked. I heard some rustling in the bushes close by so immediately started to back up and all of a sudden this head appeared and looked at me. Not always an ideal situation but I got out of the bears way quickly and it stood and watched me until it decided I was far enough away and then continued going about its business.  Silly mistake really given how tall the grass has gotten since I went away which means visibility is poor for both me and the bear. The bear looked healthy though and seems to have the area to himself at the moment. Seeing only one bear out at the moment made me wonder where the others are.

On Wednesday evening I ventured out again eager to see if other bears are back in the area. On my way I bumped into a buddy who also just got back from vacation and he shared the tragic recent news with me that two bears had been shot and wounded by hunters with bow and arrows. One was tracked down and destroyed and they believe the other injured bear is still around the area. After I caught up with the news on Wednesday night I saw the cops and conservation officer go by and I assume they are trying to track down the injured bear.

This news shocked me and everyone else who enjoys watching the local bears. Sadly it looks like one of the bears was our cute friend who I introduced you to in Black Bear Diaries Part 11

 Such awful news to come back to.

Read the article here:


I wonder if nature given the chance would ever turn around and praise or reward humans in quite the same way we like to reward ourselves given our many continued selfish and senseless acts.

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