Thursday, 3 November 2011

Black Bear Diaries 2011 Part 24: My second front page of the year

Hello folks, Bear season is slowly coming to an end and I haven't seen one about for over a week now. This is mostly due to the darker nights so I don't get as much after work on my bike which sucks. However, I do hear reports that they are seen by the creek and are pretty content with sushi on offer. I do think they prefer to come out after dark though as the creek is near a road. There are certainly a lot of signs of hungry bear activity including the huge patch of grass that has been turned into a salmon eating bed by at least one local bears.

Hopefully I will have a few more encounters before we get into winter. I don't think the bears go into full hibernation around here but I will need to consult with the local experts.

This has been an amazing year and I hope everyone has enjoyed reading about encounters and seeing my photos. I have a lot of editing to catch up on but I will for sure still share reports of my photography through the winter months so don't go away. My new and improved website is coming in the new year but in the meantime please contact me if you are interested in purchasing a print. I can be contacted at

Now for the primary reason behind this blog post....

I am excited to share that another one of my bear photos made the front page of the local paper. I feel very proud that my images can help capture people's attention and promote bear awareness in the local communities. They also gave me a nice little mention below the image and put a link to the Bear Aware Program website where I currently have a photo on their homepage,

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