Monday, 9 May 2011

Black Bear Diaries 2011 Part 8: The Lone Ranger

Welcome to the 8th chapter of Black Bear Diaries 2011. I can't believe it's been three full weeks now since my first bear encounter. How time flys. I hope you have enjoyed following the diary so far and stay tuned because there is plenty more to come. It's not even berry season yet!

In the last blog I mentioned I had seen a lone bear (possibly a male) on two occasions and last Thursday evening I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to sit and watch the bear. The medium sized bear was grazing on the protein rich sage grass and I sat watching it for about half an hour until the rain got too heavy and eventually forced me to pack up and call it a night (My camera is weather sealed not water proof). The mother and cub featured in previous blogs was very wary of this bear and took off when it came within about 50 meters of her and the small cub. This leads me to think it may be a male but I am not 100% certain. I am still new to studying bears.

This bear has such a unique look with the big ears, black and brown fur, and bushy neck fur(It almost looks like he has been taking hair styling tips from Gene Simmons, the frontman from the band KISS).

Did you know: Bears with black and brown/redish fur are known as Cinnamon bears.  The Cinnamon Bear (Ursus americanus cinnamomum) is a sub species of the American Black bear and native to Western Canada as well as a number of states in the US.

This bear could possibly be an offspring of the large Sow featured in Black Bear Diaries 2011: Part 3.

Worth watching: Stephen Herrero, a University of Calgary professor emeritus, discusses a new study of fatal black bear attacks in North America. (New York Times).

Techs: 400MM @ F7.1 // 1/60 // ISO1250
Canon 7D with 400MM F5.6 L
Image © J M Douglas|Photography 2011

Techs: 400MM @ F7.1 // 1/200 // ISO1250
Canon 7D with 400MM F5.6 L
Image © J M Douglas|Photography 2011

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