Saturday, 28 May 2011

Bear Diaries 2011 Part 12: BIG Bear! A Day Trip Encounter

Remember John Candy's quote from the movie, The Great Outdoors... "Big Bear... Big Bear chase me"? We'll luckily for me this Bear didn't chase me but boy was it BIG!

I came across this Bear last Saturday on a day trip my wife and I took out to Manning Park, BC which is about 2hrs away from my house. I have driven through the park four times in the past but never had the chance to stop and explore. It was high on the to-do list for 2011 and I am glad we got the chance to go last weekend.

Manning Park is also Grizzly Bear territory but I imagine they are still high in the mountains at this time of year. All the Bear warning signs were Grizzly icons. I am planning a 3 day hike in the area around late August time/early September which should be really cool. If I recall it's a 60K loop and will be real wilderness camping so that should be sweet. At that time of year the Grizzlies will be in the low ground enjoying the Salmon run (phew).

This Bear is really solid looking and has a big thick coat which looks like it is moulting now the temperature is rising. Look at the eyes though, this Bear has those big piercing haunting eyes that were the stuff of nightmares when I was a child after reading the Bear Attack books my Dad would bring back to us in the UK from business trips to Seattle. I was photographing this Bear about 10 meters from the car and at one point the Bear stopped and just stared directly at me. That was the time to leave message. I didn't want to find out what he was thinking. Bear, "Hmmm I wonder if that photographer will taste better than this grass?"

I have one more week with the Bears until I go on vacation. The trip will include lots of photography opportunities as I will be visiting the worlds largest single island Artic Gannet colony (approx 150,000 birds on one rock), White-Tailed Sea Eagles, and Puffins galore.

When I get back it will be berry time and there will be Bears everywhere. Hopefully I can post once more before I go. Until then, enjoy the images and thanks again for following.

Techs: 400MM @ F5.6 // 1/500 // ISO400 // Exp Comp -1/3
Canon 7D with 400mm F5.6L
Image © J M Douglas|Photography 2011

 Techs: 400MM @ F5.6 // 1/500 // ISO640 // Exp Comp -2/3
Canon 7D with 400mm F5.6L
Image © J M Douglas|Photography 2011

Until next time, Sweet Dreams!

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  1. "Hmmm I wonder if that photographer will taste better than this grass?"

    I'm glad that you are careful and understand the dangers of being too close to such a magnificent wild animal. I'm grateful for you and others who love to photograph wildlife and share the results of your patience and work with the rest of us, and I don't want to lose our intermediary to the bear world. (smile)