Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Black Bear Diaries 2012 is just around the corner

I'll begin this blog post by bringing you all up to date with the goings on in my life since I last posted back in January. Life has been pretty busy over the last few months and I want to share a few highlights in this blog post before we dive into Black Bear Diaries 2012.

As I write this post I am prepared for my wife to go into labour at any moment. Our son is now one day overdue so like I said, anytime now things could start getting exciting. So far though he doesn't seem to be in any hurry to come out but wife and child are well so that's what matters most. He must want to enjoy a few more days of the easy life before coming into the world. Wish us luck.

Just to add to the excitement and stress of becoming parents we also bought a house and will be getting the keys and taking possession this Sunday. Talk about careful planning and combing two of life’s most stressful things into one month. But hey how hard can this be??

Besides all that and back to the topic of photography, I was able to spend two days shooting the local snowy owls back in late February and early March with renowned wildlife photographer Steve Kaluski who is a two time gold medal winner of the Royal Photographic Society Nature Competition. Steve is also the Wildlife Moderator on Bird Photographers Net which is a website forum dedicated to helping photographers improve their images through gentle critique. I have been a member since late 2009 and you can visit the site for yourself at

To see some of Steve's award winning photography please visit his website:

On a less happier note, on the last day of shooting we also enjoyed the company of accomplished wildlife photographer Todd Frost from Oregon not knowing that the Sunday would be his last day with us. Todd unfortunately passed away later that evening from a heart attack which came as a huge shock to Steve and I when his wife shared the news the next day. I didn't know Todd very well but he was someone who leaves a lasting impression on you after only spending one day with him. It was a privilege meeting Todd and the three of us shared many stories that day and had some good laughs.

Life has a funny way of giving us a reality check once in a while.

On a more positive note though, I was honoured to find out in the middle of March that I was going to be featured in an article which would appear in the local regional newspaper from the area in which I grew up. The Hexham Courant is a newspaper which circulates the Tyne Valley Region of Northumberland in the United Kingdom. My parents still live in the town so I kept the news quiet and it was a nice surprise for them. My mum worries about me working with bears but she will be visiting in May and I hope to take her out to see them and hopefully remove some of that fear she has.

This is a screen shot of the published article...

I should be launching Black Bear Diaries 2012 in the next couple of weeks so stay tuned for regular updates and images. I was out earlier this evening on the lookout for bears ended up coming home empty handed and soaked through from the heavy rain.

Be sure to check back again soon and in the meantime please visit my website @

Thank you for the continued support and remember your bear smarts this spring. Keep that garbage locked and sealed or in the garage until the morning of pick up day and help reduce the unnecessary slaughter of bears in our communities.


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